Application Timeline

Feb 2022

Accepted into QuestBridge College Pre Scholar

Wrote essays and applied to scholarships / fly-in programs

Summer 2022

October 2022

Attended Discover Swarthmore, Johns Hopkins Fly-in, and Colgate Focus Fly-in

November 2022

Submitted EA to UMich, Georgia Tech, USC, MSU, GVSU, and UChicago

December 2022

Wrote 60+ supplemental essays for RD applications and applied to scholarships

January 2023

Accepted into UMich (full-ride), Georgia Tech (merit aid), Elks Scholarship semi-finalist, Gates Semi-finalist, Jack Kent Cooke

February 2023

Interviewed with Georgia Tech, Yale, Princeton, Duke, Rice, Cornell

March 2023

Decisions for all RD applications released

Visited Princeton, Brown, and Swarthmore for admitted students day

April 2023

May 2023

Committed to Brown University!

College Decisions

Brown University

Duke University

Swarthmore College

Georgia Tech

UC Irvine

Michigan State University


Princeton University

Pomona College

University of Michigan

University of Hawaii

Grand Valley State University

Albion College

March 2023

Scholarship Acceptances

Get To Scholarship - $2000

Elks National MVP Scholarship - $4000

Math Medic Scholarship - $2000

Hail Scholarship - $10000

Gates Scholarship Semi-Finalist

Jack Kent Cooke Semi-Finalist

Georgia Tech Full-Ride Semi-Finalist

Quest for Excellence STEM Award - $1000


The college application process was so painful and grueling. I remember being so anxious and stressed EVERY DAY during the fall, winter, and spring leading up to college decisions. In the fall, I poured so much energy into all of the clubs I was apart of while writing essays and activities. The library was my second home where I would go every single day to write another essay. I even told my counselor that I was breathing essays because there wasn't a day I wasn't editing essays in the entire process. I wrote around 70 supplemental essays for these schools.

I didn't see myself at any school and was so scared of being rejected that I just kept applying and locking myself in a room to write essays. I cried a lot because of how anxious I was--scared that I wasn't enough and that I would get rejected. These thoughts were toxic but soon enough decisions started rolling in. UMich and Georgia Tech made me feel much better--that my work was paying off. I felt relieved because if all fails, I was going to UMich on a full-ride to their engineering school.

When the small liberal arts colleges came out, I was very hoping for Swarthmore. At the time, Swarthmore was my top pick. I got in and I was literally screaming and jumping. It was like everything I hoped for. Then, Pomona shocked me even more. I didn't get into their fly-in but when I got into the actual school, I KNEW I was going to Pomona 100%--full ride, California, and close-knit environment. What else could I want. Unfortunately, they didn't have an engineering program. Ivy day came on March 30, and I really didn't have ANY expectations because I was ready for Pomona. I spin the wheel to see which college I was opening. First was Cornell. I was waitlisted from Cornell then I opened Princeton. I was shocked. No words came out of my mouth. I jumped, screamed, and said no way this is happening. I ended up opening Brown last (it was also the application I submitted last too). I JUMPED AT BROWN. I didn't expect it. Now my thoughts were I am going to Princeton...

I visited Princeton first with my mom. Our visit put a lot of pressure on me. The campus was BEAUTIFUL and they had given me a full ride + paying me to go. However, I didn't really connect with the students there, and the environment felt really pressuring. It made me nervous because I was suddenly urged to grind, grind, grind. After a meeting, I cried and called Lily. I told her how overwhelmed I was and how much I was scared for college. I was scared I didn't have the support that others around me had. I was scared of the elitism that Princeton brought me. I was scared of the rigor of Princeton. Everything at Princeton kept pressuring me--an environment I didn't feel I could flourish in. Suddenly, Princeton was like Johns Hopkins (the school I visited but didn't apply). Also, Princeton requires engineering majors to commit at the end of their first year (I was not ready for that). There was also no double major at Princeton. They both had an environment that felt really depressing and everyone was on the grind. It didn't feel healthy to me. The prestige had caught me. I cried when I met with my counselor too.

I didn't visit Duke because I would have to pay (Princeton and Brown were higher on my list because they gave me a full ride). However, Duke did accept me into their Pratt Engineering school. I visited Swarthmore since I didn't feel complete when I left after the fly-in in the fall. Swarthmore felt less impressionable than I last remember. I was very genuine and tight-knit but I didn't like how small the school was. Plus Swarthmore didn't give me a full ride. I loved my visit to Swarthmore more than Princeton which confirmed that Princeton couldn't be on my list.

I was going to visit Pomona but it was in California and wasn't on the top of my list anymore. However, I finally visited Brown University. My last hope was that I would belong. LUCKY, I ACTUALLY LOVED IT. Brown was a really good fit for me. Everyone was so nice and genuine (just like Swarthmore) and I could literally just start any conversation. The open curriculum means I'm not forced to take any class I don't want to... THE FREEDOM THEY GIVE. Also, the grading system means grade inflation and I can pass/fail any class I want. Brown also gave me a full ride and is paying me. Providence was a suburb that I was looking forward to. Lastly, Brown was where my grandma last resided before she passed away. It was like a circle moment if I attended Brown.


I'm so happy with my decision and I would not go back and choose another school. Choose a school based on fit and whether you can THRIVE there. Not on the name or prestige of the school! Don't let someone else decide for you either!

July 2023